Conveyor Systems are one of the most important parts of the lines used in automatic coating facilities. Our conveyor systems, which carry the parts to be coated for meters daily and for kilometers yearly, have a significant duty and are consisted of webb type, power&free type and cardan type.

Heavy parts to be coated are carried by webb conveyors which perform for long years with their long lasting bearings and steel cast chains. It has a wide carrying capacity range starting from 120 kg to 2 tons.

Cardan type conveyors are models with boogies consisting of 4 bearing groups moving in a closed rail. Such conveyors are essential in the lines with its vibrationless moving, automatic greasing capability and good outlook.

Power&Free conveyors are a mutli-functional carrying system with the capability of meeting the capacities with the optimum solutions, ability to turn big size parts on the conveyors and availability to load&unload parts on a motionless bar. It is an upto- date solution meeting the needs of the customers by using different automation variants.

  • Cardan Type
  • Power & Free
  • Webb Type

  • Automatic or manual lubrication
  • Optimum solutions as per customers requirements
  • Quality and durable bearings
  • Modern safety and quality standards