E-COAT Master P Series

E-COAT Master P Series

Automatic & Manual Powder Coating Equipment

The Electron E-COAT AP Master Series range of equipment is suitable for both manual and automatic applications. The AP Series rapidly applies powder on difficult coating surfaces, due to the dense phase powder feed pump. The dense phase transportation of powder allows the user precise control of the velocity of the powder on to the part. Coating thickness is easily achieved with repeatability and control due to the elimination of the Venturi Style pump. The Electron Master E-FEED AP pump allows the user to achieve the best possible finish with ultimate control.


  • High Density, Low Velocity Transfer Technology
  • Best Efficiency for thick and hot coating applications
  • Digital Statics Control
  • Digital Pneumatics Control
  • Remote Control on Gun
  • Recipe System
  • Rotary Knob Control
  • Double Trigger Option
  • TCP/IP Connection Option
  • Purge System Included
  • Fast-Corona Module Option
  • Immunity to Pneumatical Input Pressure Changes
  • Double & Single Pump Compatibility

  • P SERIES (Master Pump Series)

    E-COAT MASTER P-B (Bare Kit)
    E-COAT MASTER P-A (Automatic)
    E-COAT MASTER P-H (Hopper)
    E-COAT MASTER P-M (Multicolor)

    OPTIONAL (Double Pump)

    E-COAT MASTER P2-B (Bare Kit)
    E-COAT MASTER P-A (Automatic)
    E-COAT MASTER P2-H (Hopper)
    E-COAT MASTER P2-M (Multicolor)
  • It cab be used dual pump instead of single pump.