Bag type with Inline Injector

E-LAB BI (Bag Type Lab Device with Master Controller ft Manual gun with Powder Suction Extension) is used for small size sample lab testing. The paint is sucked through a sample bag. E-LAB BI contains all electrical and pneumatic features of E-COAT master model. It can remove and mounted easily base of the powder gun (E-GUN C1). It is the useful solution for sample small size testing and different colors that made. E-LAB BI can be used with E-HOPP HSS Slt and E-HOPP 50 which has E-FEED V2 injector. Thanks to these options, E-LAB BI is proper for all small or large scale of stationary uses.


  • Master controller
  • Lab Gun with box feeder pipe
  • Bond type bag
  • Different nozzles set
  • Hose ft Accessoires

  • Optional Accessories

  • E-GUN Fast-Corona, Ion Collector Module
  • E-HOPP HSS, SLT Powder Coating Hopper Mobile Carriage Kit
  • E-FEED V2 Powder Coating Injector and Powder Coating Hose
  • Powder coating storage systems that can be used with E-HOPP 50
  • Chrome Powder Coating Hopper or E-FEED V2