Powder Coating Equipment


Smart Part Detection Systems

  • E-SENSE is a part detection supervised automated painting control system where all the equipments of the painting system is controlled by a main PLC based controller depending on the signals received from the sensors.
  • Reciprocators move and adjust themselves depending on the part height, distance and speed automatically
  • Guns turn on and off their powder output depending on the parts and gaps
  • Powders amount is adjusted automatically depending on the part speed and stroke height by the system when this option is enabled

  • Contents
  • Part Detection Sensors
  • Electrical Control Panel equipped with PLC based automation and 7’’ touchscreen
  • Encoder to be placed on the conveyor

  • Options
  • E-SENSE Kiosk with 12’’ touchscreen

  • E-SENSE Gap Detection

    E-SENSE Gap Detection
  • Different type of detection scenarios depending on the gun configuration
  • Start/Stop delays and offsets adjustable by preferences
  • Automatic reciprocator stroke control depending on the gun configuration
  • Automatic reciprocator speed control depending on the conveyor speed when enabled

  • E-SENSE Powder Amount Control

    E-SENSE Powder Amount Control
  • Automatic powder amount control depending on the conveyor speed and stroke height when enabled
  • Independent adjustment capability of electrostatics
  • TCP/IP communication with E-COAT Master series devices.
  • Can be also used with E-COAT Pro type devices if only to be used without powder amount and electrostatics automatic adjustment.