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Business processes, corporate structuring and human resources policies are constantly being improved. Transparency, honesty and customer satisfaction are among its priorities.

Dear Business Partners,

As Sistem Teknik Makine A.Ş., we are proud to offer the best to all our business partners with our knowledge and experience of more than a quarter of a century since 1998. In this ongoing journey, we have become a large organization that reaches more than 50 countries on 5 continents with our customers, professional dealers, suppliers and all our employees.

In 1999, we registered the Electron brand and gave the start of our brand. We have taken important steps towards our auditable transparent structure and corporatization thanks to the consultancy and work we received from that time to the present day.

With the ERP system we have established, we have made our workflows and procurement process effective. With the technology investments we have made, we have accelerated our quality studies as well as our time and energy savings. We have ensured our financial discipline with our budget-oriented approach and the systems we have established. With our Human First approach, we have contributed to our expert employees in terms of their development, efficiency and motivation by structuring and implementing our human resources processes on a large scale. In the past years, we have continued to develop for both our commercial and employer brand with many more activities.

We see innovation and R&D as the cornerstones of a sustainable future. With the infrastructure and know-how we have created in this regard, we established the first R&D Center of our sector approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. We carry the ideas, products and technologies we have developed in our R&D Center all over the world.

Starting from our operations team to the management team, we have left the processes to professionals who are the best at their jobs. This professional team, which has integrated strategic approaches into administrative procedures, supports innovation and creativity, has high quality and productivity standards, has high employee loyalty and enjoys its work, is taking firm steps towards becoming a sustainable company, and we, as the board of directors, continue our support by undertaking the role of advisors with our knowledge and experience.

We continue to follow the trends in the world and understand our customers to develop and offer products suitable for different needs and expectations in different geographies in our 15.000 m2 production facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and systems for advanced production in compliance the standards, with our over 200 employees expert in their fields, our after-sales services with a wide network, modern production and management techniques at every stage of business processes, strategic perspective and uncompromising quality structure.