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Electron has adopted the philosophy of producing sustainability and quality with the sales, design, production and after-sales service activities of powder coating devices and paint systems at home and abroad. To make this philosophy a permanent one, we have concentrated on the following Quality Policies.


Structuring our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standards and international legal regulations, national laws/legislation and other obligations,

Developing our resources to ensure customer satisfaction, determining methods and workflows in line with the continuous improvement approach, encouraging innovative and creative approaches of employees, and involving all employees in quality processes by ensuring participatory management,

Promoting an approach that foresees risks by fully implementing the supplier evaluation stages and ensuring continuity throughout the entire supply chain by selecting suppliers suitable for our quality approach with their alternatives,

Using people, materials and machinery, which are the cornerstones of production, in the most efficient way, following the changes and planning our business by anticipating risks and opportunities while making continuous improvements,

Continuously measuring customer satisfaction in our after-sales services with a widespread network, identifying customer needs and expectations, and resolving customer demands in an open, transparent and fast manner,

Providing a working environment for all our valuable employees in accordance with the occupational health and safety laws and regulations within the scope of our people-first approach.

Based on the Total Quality philosophy, ensuring the achievement of company and department goals within a team spirit,

Maintaining the efficiency in all our production processes at a level that can compete domestically and globally by carrying out trainings that will increase technical and behavioral competencies,

Within the scope of our organization's environmental perspective and environmental protection practices, to carry out R&D studies for environmentally sustainable products that will save energy and time without compromising ethical principles by using modern technology and pioneering scientific research through our professional employees.