ELECTRON, continuing its operations in over 50 countries in 5 continents with the installations and products manufactured and installed by ELECTRON, has established a worldwide professional business network over time.

Istanbul headquarters has an area of 500 m2. We continue our high quality production in a total area of 15,000 m² in two separate locations in Izmir.

In our organization, our Domestic Sales, Export Sales, Finance and Accounting, R&D, Production, After Sales Services, Planning, Purchasing, Human Resources, Quality, ERP Business and Process Development, Information Processing, Warehouse, and Shipment departments work with all their efforts to ensure the highest efficiency and efficiency in the management of orders.

Electron global projects continue to work for sustainable, quality and efficient production that is sensitive to people and the environment, as one of the leading organizations that makes significant contributions to the sector with its operation planning skills, corporate structure, and 200+ employees that continue to increase every day all over the world.