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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 compliant electrostatic powder coating devices and systems

Electron continues to increase its technology-based developments with its intensive work with the vision of Industry 4.0 in adopting the innovations and requirements of the age.

ELECTRON electrostatic powder coating devices and systems are designed to be industry 4.0 compliant. The products are equipped with smart features such as remote access, data storage, advanced sensors, automatic controls and wireless connections. These features ensure that production processes are optimized, productivity is increased, and costs are reduced.
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Thanks to our E-Control technology, our devices can be monitored remotely and the received data is stored in our cloud system. By analyzing this data, preventive maintenance actions are taken and it makes the investment of our customers more efficient by extending the service life of the devices as well as the continuity of production.

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Many data such as temperature values, production numbers, speed changes etc. are presented graphically and support our customers' productivity studies in terms of production and R&D units as well as preventive maintenance actions. In addition, the sensor technologies we apply make the materials traceable, thanks to the determined applications, our customers monitor the course of their production plans online, and in case of a difference in the planned production process, they can receive information by e-mail and intervene.

Thanks to all these processes and data, our products equipped with technologies maximize the total equipment efficiency (OEE) and production efficiency of our customers. Electron continues to work to keep up with the dark factory future journey, which provides production with minimal human intervention as the main motivation in implementing Industry 4.0.