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At Electron, innovation is a culture that enables us to consistently deliver better products and services to our customers.

Thanks to ourinnovation culture, as a leading company in our sector, we provide more efficient and quality production to our customers by providing innovative, smart and sustainable solutions.

We have established our R&D Center, which is officially approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, in order to enhance this approach on the scientific platform, and we successfully carry out national and international projects with our experienced and expert R&D team.
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We aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction with rational and short-term solutions thanks to the multidisciplinary structure we have created with Pre-Project / Project Design, Electrical, Automation, Mechanical, Electromechanical and Intellectual Industrial Property Rights (IPR) teams according to their experience and expertise.

Besides the products that provide solutions to the existing needs in the sector, we aim to increase our competitiveness in the international arena with the products that will be needed, and we successfully carry out university-industry collaborations with national and international institutions in the projects we carry out.

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Electron R&D Center is actively involved in the development, testing and implementation of all systems and equipment. Electron R&D team utilizes the experience of process engineers and technicians as well as the know-how acquired over many years in the most efficient way and offers environmentally friendly solutions with the logic of "maximum efficiency with minimum energy" in all projects.

Electron R&D Center has signed 50 Ministry of Industry and Technology approved projects since its official establishment. Technology, products and equipment obtained through the projects have been protected by patent, utility model and industrial design registration certificate applications and most of them have been commercialized. It adds momentum to the development of our company and our country with KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK projects and university-industry cooperation studies in order to develop value-added, differentiating, sustainable and innovative technologies with the fast, on-site and permanent solutions it brings to the problems.

Electron, a leading company in its sector, offers technologically superior, sustainable and innovative products to existing and target markets thanks to its innovative development that has become a corporate culture in its R&D Center. With its "Open Innovation" approach, our company, which has signed national collaborations and projects, is taking firm steps forward as a company that exports innovative technology to the world with its work at Electron R&D Center.