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Social LIFE
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Sense of Belonging

At Electron, various activities are organized for the development of social relations between employees. The company regularly organizes social, sporting and cultural events by encouraging employees to be together outside of work. In addition, employees' special days are celebrated and the awards of the year are shared with their organizations.


Electron, social relations are evaluated through unity, motivation, belonging, feeling valued and sharing success.

Our company supports employees to be together outside of work and therefore organizes social, sportive and cultural events at regular intervals.

At regular events, our employees come together with their colleagues and families.

At Electron, employees' special days are celebrated. Various surprises and celebrations are made on special days such as birthdays, marriages, births

Every year, “awards of the year” are presented in many categories and these achievements are celebrated and rewarded at awards ceremonies. Our employees come together and share their successes in these organizations.


“The journey itself is just as important as reaching the top;

not only getting there, but how you get there is decisive. ”

Sir Chris Bonnington